Security Guards

Security Guards

We are the proud providers of security guards to offices, homes, shops, industries, events, VIPs, executives etc. Security is a prime need in today's time and we are happy that we are serving human race via our stout security guards.

Our guards are excellent in escorting you and brilliant in preventing you and your premises from any unexpected attack.

Our guards are well-trained to deter and fail any unexpected criminal protuberance to even touch you and your walls. You will be protected inside the safe of our guard's security shelter. Our guards will be the first ones to act and respond to any emergency situation, whatsoever, it may be. Our guards are well-trained to protect you under any level or severity of criminal attack.


We have over disciplined and professionally trained personnel selected after due verification.

Our guarding personnel are deployed at various locations, including corporate houses, Banks, MNCs, Industrial establishments, Government Institutions, Residential premises and the like.

Cash Management Services

We provide customized cash vans with a trained and committed crew which oversees the entire operations, supervised by an experienced and reliable team. Banks, ATMs, Passport & Visa Servicing centre, Diamond Merchants, Jewelers, Petrol Pumps, Government / Semi - Government organizations, etc. can transfer their cash and other valuables from one point to another without apprehensions.

Event Security Management

It's hard to predict stampede or an eventuality where things may get out of control. Therefore, Specific events require special security arrangements. Euphoria Security provides tailor made security solutions combining electronic gadgetry and security personnel. We cover events like beauty pageants, concerts, parties, sports, marriages, auctions, etc...

Escort Services

We provide industries and corporate with armed/unarmed escorts and services for cargos. Such services are mostly availed by diamond merchants, airlines, etc. to escort individuals or cargos between destinations.

Personal Body Guards & Bouncers

We provide Body guards with or without arm and Bouncers of the highest standards. Our operatives are trained, experienced, well built, disciplined and have ability & presence of mind to tackle any given situations.


In any type of industry, say healthcare, financial, software, etc., the susceptibility of criminal intrusions is equal. As a matter of fact, people in all types of industries need security, which our security guards provide.

  • Industrial Security Guards
  • Associate with us for exceptional industrial security guards
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  • Associate with us for fool proof security for industries

In almost all types of industries like healthcare, hospitality, software, media etc, there is a need for personal security guards for enterprisers, bouncers for wrong entry protection, escorts for employees who travel on site, gate guards to protect the building etc.


Provider of Security Guards for Corporate Houses!
Corporate houses are today the main target of attackers. Their success is quite evident and visible to the outside world, which makes them a prey. Here is a security to prevent your business from being victimized.


  • Well-trained and well-groomed guards
  • Security matching up your corporate needs
  • Our guards add value to your corporate hub
  • 24-hour supervision by our management
  • Immediate replacement of guard if required

You are your property both will be fully protected after you get a corporate security guard from us. Several corporate houses & MNCs are already availing our security guard services. We are committed to enhance cautiousness, alertness and attentiveness to upshot efficiency in our security services by providing high-quality and well-trained corporate security guards who have been instilled and imbibed by the principles of ability, dedication, and performance in all the aspects of their daily security endeavors towards their client.


Do you want someone to escort you to an onsite location? Are you in need of a security guard, who accompanies you everywhere to check any threat of danger? Here, you will get one.

  • escort security guards Escort Security Guards
  • Our guards will escort you!
  • When you travel, our guards will stay along with you
  • Escorting you while you are travelling from one place to other
  • Our escort guards are well-qualified
  • Our escort guards are well-trained
  • Our escort guards are well-taught
  • Our escort guards are well-dressed
  • Our escort guards are well-groomed
  • Our guards have pleasant appearance
  • Our guards have good communication skills
  • Our guards have fine presentation


Young girls and boys coming to nightclubs, bars, pubs, restro-bars etc come there for a good time. If this leisure is badly impacted by stag entries, then it is a waste of their money and also it creates hostility in them. Appoint our bouncers to avoid these things from happening.

We provide you trained, educated and certified licensed bouncers for:

  • Restro-bars
  • Pubs
  • Nightclubs
  • Hotels
  • Discotheques
  • Concerts

Other venues

Our bouncers will keep your venues away from arguments, misbehaviors, fights etc that are commonplace where crowd size is more like in discs and where alcohol consumption takes place like in bars and where girls come in skimpy clothes like in discs, pubs, restro-bars etc.

  • Our bouncers provide you security
  • Our bouncers will check the legal age and will ask for an age proof or documentation to check the entrance of minors
  • Our bouncers refuse entry to your venue based on your criteria
  • Our bouncers will check fights and arguments
  • Our bouncers will check the client's aggressive behavior

So, if you are the owner/manager of a pub, disc, bar, restaurant, hotel, club etc, then, for your client's protection and for a healthy atmosphere inside your venue makes it mandatory to appoint some brawny and powerful bouncers that will check every malicious activity. In such acts of altercations and girl harassments, our bouncers are trained to eject all the bad elements immediately. Our guards are fully taught to keep the best control over your venue.


Personal security is very important for many people especially who belong to a high profile job like entrepreneurs, media celebs etc. Our Personal security guards will be the best-fit for your personal security needs.

Are you in search of some sturdy personal bodyguards ?

Personal security officers are needed if your profile demands you to must have personal security. This is because your profile can attract malevolent attacks, which if you want to deter, then you must have a personal security guard protecting you day and night. Private security guards act like unbreakable walls between you and the maliciously intended attackers. If your job demands frequent public appearances, then you must have with you some sturdy personal security guards, who can protect you from all sorts of spiteful attacks. A private security officer will stay with you 24x7, irrespective of the time.

Customized Solutions

We can reduce costs and improve efficiency for our clients with our tailor - made client - specific solutions. Contact us today to find out how we can provide a customised solution for you !