World-Class Training Process

Security Guards Training:
At Euphoria security services, we provide world-class training to the guards appointed by us. After attending these top-notch training sessions, they come out well-groomed to dedicate themselves in the security service of our esteemed clients, who when avail the services of our guards, themselves feel the same for our company and believe in our excellence to the fullest.

  • Our training includes
  • Grooming the trainee guards
  • Educating them about security measures
  • Teaching about possible danger scenarios
  • Learning about the use of arms when required


  • Interview by Staffing Consultant
  • Skill Assessment as per laid down format
  • Client based Matching
  • Orientation
  • Reference Checks
  • Short listing
  • Training

With well- equipped training institute incorporating rigorous training by our experienced and qualified ex-army staff. Our forte lies in delivering high quality services for security& protection to establishments such as Government Institutions, MNCs, Hospitality Industry, Industrial Houses, Factories, Health Clubs, Construction sites and co-operative housing societies.

7 Basic Training

Customers of Euphoria security services can be sure that their infrastructure, offices are being vigorously monitored and supported by experienced company with experts serving the best organization around the country over the years. With us you have the confidence that your company infrastructure is always protected from malicious attacks and unauthorized access round the clock service.

Euphoria provides a training programme to all security personnel before being placed on assignment which includes :

Physical Training
We provide physical training to our security professionals to overcome any kind of physical threats. The physical training includes drill, physical conditioning & unarmed combat.

Professional Training
Euphoria provides professional training to its security personnel to effectively handle any kind of emergency including personal protection, security patrolling, industrial unrest, liaison with police and filing of FIR, record keeping of men, materials and vehicles.

People Skills Training
Euphoria provides People skills training to its security personnel to effectively handle all aspects of industrial relations with government departments, customer care etc...

Positive Attitude
Euphoria holds many sessions to develop a positive attitude in its security personnel to cope with difficult real-life situations without bitterness or any negativity.